what is the meaning of collaborationWhen you start a new business or about to embark on a new project, it is not always easy to identify the right team members. Here is a list of seven team members you must have on your project for an effective collaboration. Some are already in your inner circle, others you would need to figure out.

1. The Idea Generator
This is someone who easily releases ideas. He or she easily comes up with different ideas to accomplish a purpose.

2. The Strategist
This is someone who easily maps out the steps to take to accomplish the same purpose.

3. The Implementer
This is someone who hears the idea, receives the steps the strategist has outlined and has a knack for successfully carrying them out.

4. The Project Manager
This is someone who manages the whole process and the operations behind the successful implementation and release of the idea into a service or product.

5. The Promoter
This is someone who alerts the world of this powerful idea that has morphed into a product or service which a select group in the world needs and cannot do without.

6. The Receiver
This is the customer or client who benefits from the released product.

7. You – The Decision Maker
I bet you did not expect to see yourself on the list. At the end of the day, you need to decide where you fit in the collaboration process and constantly remind yourself the reason for it.

Can you imagine what would happen if all these people listed came together to collaborate?

I envision a powerful project, impactful movement, multiple blessings coming from different angles, connections and more connections.

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