Meet the Founder of The iEmancipateMe Movement

Hi! I’m Belinda. I build digital businesses and launch destinies.

tribe // a social division in a traditional society consisting of families or communities linked by social, economic, religious, or blood ties.

She Speaks..

At conferences, on television, Facebook Live, you will catch me talking about strategy, destiny, faith and spirituality. I often teach global audiences that they can fearlessly start and finish strong. How about we meet on the iEmancipateMe Conference tour? Click here

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Get help from a mentor who understands your journey and is accessible. Don’t try to fit all the pieces in the puzzle by yourself. It can be really time-consuming.

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What have you been doing with all that knowledge you acquired over the years? Do you know that people are desperately seeking the solutions you have hidden in your heart and mind?

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Sometimes the deciding factor of how a message is received and the kind of results it achieves is based on strategy. What have you launched or about to launch?

You Can Win..

Whether you live in abundance or in lack, if your purpose is not activated, you will not be satisfied.

But what happens when the desire to be more is awakened and you don’t know how to start?

What happens when you have solutions that can get people out of bondage but you don’t have the right strategy to implement?

An activated purpose with the wrong strategy can lead to decades of frustration, unequal collaborations and even years of regret.

A launched business without the tools required for implementation can result in waste of money and space.

How do I know?